How to drink Sake?

Sake is a 1000+ year old Japanese drink that is made by fermenting rice. Sake can be served at many different temperatures. Sake is typically sold in large bottles, and poured into smaller vessels or ceramic flasks, known as tokkuri. Traditional drinking cups are called choko or ochoko. Premium sake, the kind Heavensake produces, is best enjoyed in a white wine glass at 55F, similar to white burgundy. 

Some companies such as Riedel have gone as far as to create specific "wine" glasses for drinking sake. Premium sake has many wonderful aromas and flavor characteristics, and should be swirled, sniffed, and sipped, just as you would a glass of wine. Always pour sake for others, but don't fill your own cup. It's best to allow someone else to pour and fill your sake glass. Wait for everyone to be served their drinks, and then raise your glass for a toast. The traditional Japanese term for "cheers" is "kanpai!". Sake should be stored away from sunlight, and refrigerated when possible. The bottle should remain upright. 

Some myths about sake that should be noted

Sake is not a spirit. It is a brewed beverage with an ABV similar to a strong red wine 15-17%

Junmai sake's, which are all Heavensake produces, are gluten-free, sulphite-free, and additive-free.

Drink it with...

Drink it with sushi, with pizza, with a slice of cucumber or ginger or squeeze some raspberries if you are having a playful dinner date at home. Let it warm up a little and see how the taste evolves. Drink HEAVENSAKE Junmai 12 if you want to take it easy and have to work that same day or the day after... Drink HEAVENSAKE Junmai Ginjo when you are with your friends and you want to have fun... Drink HEAVENSAKE Junmai Daiginjo with your partner, when things are about to get playful...  Drink HEAVENSKAE when you are tired of drinking wine... Leave the acidity behind even if you might have actually learned to deal with it...  Drink HEAVENSAKE when you want to move on from the headaches that the sulfites cause... Drink HEAVENSAKE when tequila and vodka are just too much... Drink HEAVENSAKE when beer is just not enough...  Drink HEAVENSAKE because Karen drinks rose, and Drake drinks champagne...

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